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GRO Nutrients® Inc. is the most innovative ALL NATURAL Plant-Based Organic Crop Feed Company in the world.

About Us.

  • WE Live In The Amazon.
  • WE Understand Nature.
  • WE Recognize The Grower’s Need for High-Yielding Crops.
  • WE Help You Deliver Robust, Fast Growing Plants Hydroponically!

Our Vision.

For highly productive agriculture and balanced plant nutrition, it is imperative that fertilizers meet quality standards. GRO Nutrients® maintains an effective and efficient quality control system that ensures delivery of good quality Organic plant-based crop feeds to our growers. Our process began in the Amazon Jungle with a Research Team of World Renowned Scientists who focused on a unique approach, centered around the natural cycle of plants and the microorganisms forming part of the soil's ecosystem. We know that leveraging existing resources in Nature optimizes a crop’s yield. We have lived long enough in the Amazon to understand its powerful mystique. This vital haven that is full of naturally derived elements from a variety of rare sources of ancient organic matter, is at the core of our organic process. Our researchers have harvested valuable natural assets in long and short chain Humic extracts - and in concert with Mother Nature, GRO Nutrients® has been designed to deliver the best benefits for your growing plant. The specialized proprietary ingredients in our formulations are meant to work in harmony to synergistically maximize plant performance and optimize the volume of your harvest.
Your plants have needs. They constantly require the right balance of nutrients, which can be delivered through a basic fertilizer program. GRO Nutrients® supplements are formulated to boost plant growth throughout all phases. Our products allow the grower to customize the feeding regimen, based on the specific needs of the plant. They are designed specifically to live up to the special flowering demands for growers like you. The addition of Humic acids, Fulvic acids and amino acids alleviate the potential elemental problems commonly seen in this unique growing media, because they are meant to deliver the critically essential secondary and micronutrients to your valuable plants at the most crucial time.
We don’t manufacture chemically-based products for the sole reason that it is bad for your health. When it comes to crop feed, it is no secret that whatever you give your plant will end up in your body when you ingest the plant in any shape or form. Therefore, one most certainly does not want to use fertilizers with chemicals whose long-term health effects are unknown.  
Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) is a phenomenon that impacts a plant’s immune system after exposure to pathogens. Chemical fertilizers tend to adversely affect an otherwise healthy plant by weakening its natural defenses. We have a line of All-Natural crop feeds that meet USDA-NOP and the world's most stringent organic input standards for organic production. GRO Nutrients® line of products transcends the next level in bloom phase technology, and deliver larger, denser flowers, while optimizing the plant to enhance production of essential oils. Try out our GRO Organic® line for measurable increases in overall harvest weight. Our Root Enhancers are specifically formulated to feed the roots of your plants in a unique way. They target the plant’s root zone with Smart Organic Systems® designed to effectuate growth by relying on mechanisms finely balanced between the requirements of the microbes and the root system itself. The formulation encourages robust root growth by optimizing the plant’s natural processes to guarantee high-yield harvests. All GRO Nutrients® micro-organisms help produce better tasting plants that are devoid of the harsh side effects detected in chemically-influenced plants.
Whether growing indoors or outdoors, crops receiving ecological care without chemical fertilizers or pesticides, produce seeds and leaves with some very interesting properties: GRO Nutrients® products are specially formulated to ensure that plants develop strains that are as potent as any, with the best flavor and aroma to boot. We produce 100% organic fertilizers that work complimentarily with our mineral-based line, specially formulated to naturally promote healthy plant growth, by supplying key nutrients to build healthy root systems and more resilient plants. Our products are ideal for mature, late-season flowers and fruit. Gro Max® produces lush, vegetative, compact growth, while Epic® is an ultra-potent, fast-acting, high-volume Humic extracts fertilizer. We take the concept of composting to an entirely new level by infusing a proprietary blend of microorganisms and other key ingredients to foster healthy plant growth. Our special plant-based formulations deliver vital nutrients that work superbly in hydroponic environments, and can deliver soil-less mixtures for soil grown plants. Designed to excel in coco, hydroponics, and soil, GRO Nutrients® lines include an assortment of Flora nutrients with a Building-Block System that deliver Secondary and Micro Nutrients for enhanced yields and better crop quality.
All our formulations are PH balanced for ease of use, designed to enhance flavor, nutrition, aroma and essential oils in both hydroponic and soil cultivated plants. Our secret lies in the science behind our methodology. In order to keep the ecosystem of microorganisms healthy, we have labored to infuse the process with enough oxygen to transform organic waste into vital nutrients. We achieved this by ensuring the substrate's aeration. From the seedling stage to the final harvest, GRO Nutrients® series can be used by the plant to form RNA and DNA, assist in the storage and transfer of energy, and improve rapid flower maturation.
GRO Nutrients® are the ultimate slow-release crop feeds, very difficult to over fertilize (and harm) your plants, and there is absolutely no risk of toxic buildups of chemicals and salts that can be deadly to plants. Our Organic fertilizers are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.


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